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BIAC's Chair OECD Consultation in Japan Action Plan on BEPS Committee News  
BIAC Chair Phil O'Reilly OECD SG Gurria meeting with Keidanren Chairman Yonekura BIAC Tax meeting with OECD Dan Konigsburg, Chair of BIAC's Corporate Governance Task Force 
Supported by BIAC’s advice and advocacy from the business sectors of all member countries, the OECD is uniquely placed to advance business-led growth”, says BIAC Chair Phil O'Reilly.
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BIAC delegates met OECD in Japan to discuss business priorities ahead of the 2014 Ministerial Committee Meeting
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30 January 2014 OECD Discussion Draft on Transfer Pricing Documentation and Country by Country Reporting - for comment by February 23
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As the OECD is updating its Corporate Governance Principles, BIAC's Task Force prepares for input under the leadership of Dan Konigsburg (picture).
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Forum on Responsible Business Conduct Business Visits OECD Week 2014 Membership News
Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct  OECD Gurria & BIAC Phil O'Reilly OECD Forum 2014 - Save the date Will Morris, Chair of BIAC Tax Committee

The 2nd OECD Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct will take place on 26-27 June in Paris .

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BIAC Chair Phil O'Reilly met with OECD Ángel Gurria (picture) on 4 November to discuss BIAC's priorities beyond 2013. BIAC prepares for the OECD Forum and Ministerial Committee Meeting in May 2014, to be chaired by Japan.
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BIAC says Congrats to Tax Committee Chair Morris, and Vice Chairs Klein and McLean, for their nomination as most influential people in tax.
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BIAC Monthly Bulletin
April Spotlight Dates

BIAC Finance Task Force Meeting and OECD Financial Roundtable


OECD Working Party on State Ownership and Privatisation Practices

3-4 Meeting of the BIAC ELSA Committee and Consultation with the OECD ELSA Committee
4 Workshop on the Role of SOEs in Economic Development
7-9 OECD Committee on Consumer Policy
8 BIAC/TUAC Consultation with OECD MCM Chairman (Tokyo, Japan)
8-9 OECD CERI Governing Board and Seminar on Social and Emotional Skills for Social Progress
8-9 OECD Conference on Teaching in Higher Education
8-10 OECD Expert Meeting on Categorization of Manufactured Nanomaterials (Washington, D.C., United States)
8-11 OECD Working Group of the National Co-ordinators of the Test Guidelines Programme (WNT)
9 G20-OECD-EC Conference on Quality Apprenticeship
10 BIAC Education Committee Meeting
10-11  OECD Education Policy Committee (EDPC) Meeting
BIAC Secretary-General Bernhard Welschke "Over the past months, we have been stepping up our activities to highlight the importance of open markets and a sound policy framework for investment. For a sustainable recovery an open and more favourable climate for private sector investment is essential. We have been particularly focused on the importance of investment protection and the significant value of bilateral investment treaties. BIAC believes that such treaties, which have been recently questioned by some, play a key role in attracting and protecting international investment, and should be strengthened."
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